A Hard Yes!


Remembering Rubs…I wear my red shoes today in honor of a her life, as her legacy lives on.

Sometimes the hardest thing to say to Jesus is Yes.

No ultimatums.
No compromises.
No bargaining.
A simple, thought-provoking, Yes!

When we say yes to God, we don’t always know what lies on the other side of our yes.
We surrender our ways to His, trusting He knows better for us than we know for ourselves.
That He’s faithful and loves us better than we know how to love ourselves.

Saying yes doesn’t always mean it’ll be easy.
Saying yes is hard!
It’s hard loving the unlovable.
It’s hard forgiving the unforgivable.
It’s hard being inconvenienced.
But for Love…the man Jesus, we say YES!!!

Our yes may come with lots of hard attached to it, but saying yes to God, no matter what, is always worth it!

Two years ago today, my dear friends, Mitch and Katie, lost their beautiful two and a half year old daughter, Ruby Joy, to an unthinkable disease. While the loss of her sweet life was very hard and still stings with each passing day, month, year, we take joy in knowing that she is finally free!
Free of disease!
Free of hurt and pain!
Free to run, to jump, to play!
Free to be fully consumed and engrossed in Jesus.
Free to gaze upon His beauty and stand before Him on our behalf.

Long before Ruby was a thought in her parents minds, they said Yes!
In Ruby’s life, they constantly said yes.
Swamped with constant doctors appointments, they said yes.
Watching pain consume Ruby’s small frame, they cried yes.
No matter what, they cried yes.
They continue to cry yes!
Their lives and love causes me to cry Yes!

Mitch and Katie,
Thank you for modeling a life of yes before The Lord.
Thank you for your yes before the hard. It gave you sustenance for the hard.
Thank you for your yes during the hard. It creates a deep wellspring of life within you that’ll never run dry.

Your yes has and will continue to transform lives.

Thank you for fully living, loving and teaching us how to be fully present in this life. To run determined after the things we were created for…to love and be loved. With each passing day, week, month and year may our heart’s cry be your legacy…Making Jesus Known


Confessions of a…FRAUD!

a blog series...

So, this week’s post comes in the form of a poem…

He is…Enough!

I arise, unsettled and discontented.
Disillusioned by my own expectations of what this life has to offer.
MORE! Screams out to me as consumerism kills my spirit because of an unhealthy appetite of what I truly need.
MORE! Screams out to me as I become a passive audience to countless hours of society imaging the next best thing.
MORE! Screams out to me as thoughts of filling my time, my space, with anything other than You, is good for me.
A longing in my heart to be happy with each added purchase.
A yearning in my spirit to satisfy that longing…my wants, my desires.
It’s not complicated, yet I’ve overcomplicated it.
Coming out of self, I step into You.
Spirit, soul & body.
Mind, will & emotions.
Heaven meets earth and I cry out for MORE!
Encounters bringing transformation and life change.
Wisdom revealing itself in its truest form.
Cocooned in a wealth of knowledge, understanding that only out of presence can I truly be fulfilled.
Comprehensively good.
I’d give it all away!
I’d lay down my life!
I’d position myself lower…
To know, to experience and live in Your goodness.

(c. July 2013)

Confessions of a…FRAUD!

Have you ever felt like a fraud?

People think you’re absolutely amazing at this thing or that thing.
They think you have it all together, mind made up, life planned out.
You start walking around, now convinced, that you are ABSOLUTELY amazing!
That you do have IT all together!
HEY! You’ve figured out life, and you have a plan in tow!
In actuality, you haven’t a clue what you’re doing.
You have no idea why you’re doing what you’re doing.
And what’s the deal?
What is it that people see in you that makes them think you have it put together?

Well, here’s my confession…I’m a FRAUD!
I’m not as amazing as I may appear to be.
I don’t have IT… life, work, relationships, PEOPLE, figured out.
There’s no 5 or 10 year plan for my life.
Most of the time, I’m questioning what I’m doing with my life & why I am where I am.
Truth isn’t always beautifully wrapped & presented.
Well, at least mine won’t be.
This may get a little messy BUT…

Journey with me as I confess my inner struggle with this life I’ve been gifted.


Will You Go?!

“A man finds joy in giving an apt reply – and how good is a timely word!” Proverbs 15:23

Here’s a snippet from my journal entry while in Pemba…I’m sure it was written with tear-stained cheeks and joy in my Spirit over what Papa did in me…what follows is the spoken word piece I wrote in November 2012 and revised last week…

November 15, 2012:

I’m not usually wanting to stand up in front of people and when I do, I’m super nervous. I sat in class yesterday and wrote a spoken word piece for today’s drama presentation. I’m not sure if it even makes sense, but it just flowed. I prayed over it and released it. The drama went really well, Holy Spirit showed up. Fear of man and public speaking broke off of me in a deeper way today, through the releasing of my words. Freedom comes at a cost! Little or great, it’ll cost you something. The cost of my freedom will release so much freedom for the nations, for my family, my church, community, wherever God sends me. Today I stepped into my destiny!

‘Will You Go?’

Go! Go! Go!
Who will go?
Will you go?
Here I am Lord, send me!

Terror unleashed in lands near and far.
Western missionaries and Christians nationals all over the world.
Millions dying…dead.
Apathy and complacency are common place.
People suffering physical and emotional scars.
Starvation taking over…
Physically and spiritually…
Dying. Dead.
Lives laid down.
Laid down.
Laid. Down.
Many have gone before you.
Many have accepted the call…
Will you?

Go! Go! Go!
Positioned outside of time and space.
He knew you.
He knows you.
He called you.
He. Called. You.
Do you get that?
Hand picked before the foundations of the world.
He. Called. You.

Who will go?
Will you go?
Here I am Lord, send me!
I will go!

Interrupted plans and hard times arise.
Will you go?
Will you go?

You cried YES!
You cried YES!
Heart of stone now made flesh.
You cry YES!
No longer the same.
A life forever changed.
Forever changed.
Destiny awaits, calling your name.

He’s calling you!
He’s. Calling. You.

Love looks like something.
Love looks someone.
Love looks like you.

Will you go?
Better yet…will you stay?

(Written Nov2012/Revised Mar2013)

Memories of Indonesia

In preparation for my trip to Africa, one of my required readings is Like A Mighty Wind by Mel Tari. In the 1960s, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit came to the island of Timor, one of thousands of islands that make up Indonesia. God met the men, women and children in a great way, bringing revival to their hearts and throughout the island. Mel tells the story of his radical faith and obedience to God. It’s truly amazing to see the childlike faith he and others walked in!

I had no idea when I started reading, that I would love this book so much…it is stirring my heart in an even greater way to see revival break out, for me to walk in greater faith and trust in God and in what He wants to release TODAY!

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my time in Indonesia. In 2006, a team of Regent students partnered with Operation Blessing and went to Bande Aceh on the Sumatra Island of Indonesia, to shoot a film documenting what happened two years after the tsunami hit. OB was one of the first NGOs to go in and help provide medical, dental, and housing aide for the people along the Aceh coastline. We spent a month there and it was one of the best times of my life.

I pray daily for these people who truly are the hands and feet of Jesus. They live the simplicity of the gospel. They don’t make things complicated or over analyze scripture to make it fit with what works for their situations. They take Jesus’ words and run with them. The miraculous is common place because they don’t allow skepticism or doubt to override the truth of His word. I can’t wait for the day that I get to go back and visit a people that have changed my life and heart toward missions.

In the thousands of pictures taken, here are a few from that trip…


A tired bunch…our group with our OBI welcome team; they were awesome! They had EVERYTHING planned out and taken care of for us, even down to our American snacks, lol. I think we had just flown from Singapore to Jakarta to Medan all in one day and then flew to Banda Aceh the very next day. We really didn’t have time to be jet-legged. We hit the ground running, hard!


Shooting in one of the many villages along the coast.


Carlos & I getting some B-roll footage.


Adith, one of our three translators, Faith, Carlos & I.


Walking through the village…I call this my paparazzi picture πŸ™‚


Our team with Adith, right before we all got food poisoning 😦 That was the worst experience, but a lot of laughter came from it! “The Colonel really let us down!” Hahaha πŸ™‚


Here’s our group with the OBI team in Rigaih; one of the most beautiful villages we stayed in along the coast of Banda Aceh.


Adith & I enjoying the Indian Ocean πŸ™‚


Sarah, Faith, Febrie (one of our translators), myself & Adith enjoying the beach! Love this picture πŸ™‚


Fun times at the beach!


Our last day in Meulaboh, with OBI medical & dental teams…they made us a pancake breakfast πŸ™‚


Look what we found at the village airport on our way back to Jakarta…I took this picture a couple years before I was a Starbucks Barista, so this really make me smile πŸ™‚


This is one of my favorite picture from my time in Indonesia.


Seven weeks & counting…


Seven weeks…until I leave the states!!!

Three countries…South Africa. Mozambique. Nepal.

Five days. Three months. Three weeks.

Fun. Loving. People.

I’m excited to spend time with friends, having lots of FUN, while LOVING PEOPLE from all over the world! This journey really is about having fun, loving people, the way Jesus did…while sharing His heart and releasing His presence wherever I go.

It’s been a little crazy getting everything together so quickly, but God is so faithful and amazingly awesome!!! Already, God has provided my $3,164 in flight fees to both Africa and Nepal; $709 in shot and meds, so far…I still need to get a few hundred dollars in prescription meds for the trip :/ I have sent off my passport and awaiting my visa for Mozambique. It’s all coming together, though.


I have two weeks before the $3,500 in tuition and outreach fees are due and I am halfway at that mark…yay God!!! I still need $1,800 by August 25th. Donation are coming in and I am believing God for the miraculous to continue to unfold. He’s truly been blessing me beyond anything I could’ve imagined.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…to ALL that have donated, encouraged and supported me in the place of prayer, thus far. Your love, prayers and support truly are carrying me into this adventure, I call life!

Love you,


Welcome to Ruby’s Joy!

I appreciate you taking the time to follow my journey as I prepare for missions in Africa this fall. Β I am overwhelmed with such excitement and joy at the opportunity set before me and EVERYTHING that will follow.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure called life!

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